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About SPDF Kids

As innovators in an integrative approach to learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM), SPDF Kids empower all learners.

Our STEAM enrichment experiences are coupled with an integration of 21st century learning skills, as well as best practices and methodology research in the field.  We offer a spectrum of educational service solutions for schools, districts, parents, and other youth serving entities with a targeted focus on STEAM Enrichment.

Our services target Pre-K to Pre-College students and respective educators that serve this target audience.


Our Enrichment Philosophy

“Young minds find new paths and shape the future” —‘SPDF Kids’

Immersive STEAM Experiences

SPDF Kids enhances a learner’s natural inclination to explore and aptitude for creativity through innovative tangible play-based experiences. By building on what students already know, we are able to introduce fundamental concepts in STEAM and help them tackle problems, collaborate, brainstorm and communicate in a supportive environment.

We believe that immersive STEAM experiences with SPDF Kids allow 21st century bound learners to meet and creatively repurpose future challenges with less anxiety, fear and isolation.

Our E3 Approach

By placing learners at the center of a more interactive and balanced learning experience, our unique learning framework inspires and empowers students to explore in a safe and nurturing environment. Our proprietary E3 Approach combines three core and dynamic inquiry teaching principles: Excite, Engage and Enrich.

We believe that excited children are intentionally interested in learning and become engaged learners. When engaged, students are actively doing and thinking. Subsequently, their minds are questioning, sorting through multi-sensory information and making connections—that enrich.

Our goals are to prompt explorers to:

  • Question like scientists
  • Design like technologists
  • Build like engineers
  • Create like artists
  • Deduce like mathematicians

….and acquire many more 21st Century learning skills for school and beyond.