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We’re in the business of sparking dynamic futures through explorative STEAM experiences that excite, engage and enrich the next generation innovators! SPDF Kids is an innovative ‘Research and Enrichment Education’ company providing integrative and high quality hands-on enrichment experiences with fundamental concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM).

Our educational STEAM enrichment places a key emphasis on multi-sensory experiences that encourage cooperative and enriching learning opportunities. For us, ‘STEAM’ is more than an acronym, it is a platform for 21st century-bound learners to acquire both innovative and essential learning skills (including creativity, critical thinking, problem solving skills, communication skills, and collaborative skills) necessary to thrive in a changing global economy.


About SPDF Kids

As innovators in an integrative approach to learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM), SPDF Kids empower all learners. Our STEAM enrichment experiences are coupled with an integration of 21st century learning skills, as well as best practices and methodology research in the field.

We offer a spectrum of educational service solutions for schools, parents, and other youth serving entities with a targeted focus on STEAM Enrichment. Our services target Pre-K to Pre-College students and respective educators that serve this target audience.

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Learners are prompted to notice, collect, perceive, elaborate on as well as record qualitative and quantitative data in written or illustrated descriptions...[+]


The familiar "why" questions are re-centered around drawing inferences, repurposed into meaningful predictions and developed into hypothesis...[+]


Tactile, hands-on, and multi-sensory experiences allow learners to make concrete connections as well as better understand the world around them...[+]


Learners are able to group objects or events based on observed similarities, differences, and interrelationships...[+]


Engaged hands-on learning experiences allow learners to retain and use what they learn in a uniquely accessible way...[+]

STEAM Fundamentals

Your exclusive go to source for informative content and FUN engaging activities centered around early explorative experience in dynamic field of STEAM.


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